Yarns We Offer

Let us help you source:

  • All varieties of spun yarns (ring, open end, MJS, etc) as well as slub-yarn, yarn on dye tubes, plied yarn, or on other put-ups
  • Performance polyester yarns (CoolMax®, Coolmax Xtralife®, CoolMax EcoMade®, Dri-release®, Dri-release Wool®, Hydrotec®), Thermolite®)
  • Core-spun yarns (with a lycra or spandex core, avail. in different deniers)
  • Two fiber blends and multi fiber-blended engineered yarns for performance (for various markets)
  • Acrylic (low pill, Dralon®) and blends
  • Antimicrobial yarns with X-static®, Odorshield®, SilverClear®
  • Modacrylic (Protex®, Kanecaron®, Mauribeni and blends)
  • Outlast® rayon and acrylic (and blends)
  • Meta-Aramid yarns (Nomex® T450, T455 (III), T462 (IIIA), Nomex 303 (colors), Conex)
  • Para-Aramid yarns (Kevlar®, Twaron)
  • Tencel® and blends
  • Bamboo and blends
  • Viscose/rayon and blends
  • Nylon and blends
  • FR Rayon (Lenzing) and blends
  • Package dyed yarn (in colors) for various applications
  • Wool and cashmere blends
  • Sensura (and blends)


Commodity-type yarns:

  • Cotton (combed and carded, organic)
  • Spun Polyester (OB, SDOB)
  • Polyester/cotton blends (CP and KP)
  • Rayon
  • Acrylic
  • Filament yarns (polyester, rayon, nylon, among others)