Matrix Yarns can help you source:

All types of spun yarns: performance polyester yarns (Such as CoolMax, Dri-Release), Core-spun yarns with a lycra/spandex core, two fiber blends and multi-fiber blend engineered yarns, acrylic, modacrylic, rayon, Aramid yarn, Para-aramid (Kevlar, Twaron) and Meta-Aramid (Nomex), as well as a number of ‘green’ fibers (recycled polyester, Coolmax EcoMade, Tencel, and Bamboo, among others).

Matrix Yarns, Inc. is a privately owned and operated textile and sourcing company representing only the finest yarn spinners, servicing customers in a broad array of markets. Our 50+ years of experience in the textile industry allow us to uniquely suit our customers’ yarn sourcing needs—with integrity, trust, and top-notch customer service.

Whether you require the most expensive technical textiles available or commodity-type products—our strategically aligned partnerships allow you to source products from around the globe to help you bring the most innovative products to the marketplace.

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